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Progress : 1999
Date: Event
25-29.Jan.99Training and Communications Liaison Officers from Tanganyika's four riparian nations met in Bujumbura for a workshop.
01-04 Mar 99LTBP hosts an environmental education workshop led by Monique Trudel in Kigoma, Tanzania.
04-05 Mar 99 Delegates from Tanganyika's four riparian countries attended the closing conference for the Lake Malawi GEF project.
08-18 Mar 99Intensive taxonomic training course for the regional BIOSS teams in Kigoma, Tanzania.
19 Mar 99Renovation of the Centre de Recherche (CRH), Uvira, D. R. Congo is reinitiated after further delays due to insecurity in the region..
22 Mar - 08 Apr 99Regional BIOSS teams survey Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania.
15 Apr 99Project Management Meeting in the UK is held to discuss the recommendations of the Mid-Term Evaluation
18-21 May 99Ms. Vicki Cowan represents LTBP at the LTR project meetings in Lusaka, Zambia.
25-27 May 99LTBP holds its Tripartite Review (riparian countries, NRI consortium, and donor/executing agencies) in Nairobi, Kenya.
28-29 May 99UNOPS representatives, Mr. Ingolf Scheutz-Mueller and Ms. Margaret Chi, visit Bujumbura and meet with the Minister of Land Planning and the Environment, the National Co-ordinator for Burundi, and members of the LTBP Bujumbura Station.
28 May - 05 Jun 99David Silverside, LTBP Project Manager for NRI, visits Bujumbura and Uvira stations.
05 Jun 99Ms. Cécile Gakima in Burundi and Mr. Bartholomew Tarimo in Tanzania co-ordinate activities in their respective countries to commemorate World Environment Day.
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