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On 12 July 2000, LTBP organised a half day project presentation under the theme - "Lake Tanganyika. Investment for a Sustainable Future". The audience comprised members of the Regional Steering Committee, Directors and representatives from project affiliated institutions in the riparian states, FAO, UNOPS and representatives from international NGOs and the donor community. The purpose of the meeting was first, to highlight to those present the importance of Lake Tanganyika to the global community, the governments and institutions of the riparian states and to the communities who depend on the lake for their livelihoods. Second, to draw attention to the burgeoning environmental problems that threaten the sustainability of the lakes resources. And finally to present the work of the LTBP and the priority actions that the project has identified as being necessary if the threats are to be successfully alleviated or eliminated.

A video of the lake was shown followed by a series of power point presentations (below) by nationals from the riparian states who had been involved in the project and other project staff, giving an overview of the project its main findings and outputs. From the compliments received after the presentations, it appears to have been a great success and provided a suitable finale to the Project.

History of the Project
    [view webpage | download file - 68K]
Dr. Andrew MENZ 6
Introduction to LTBP's Achievements
    [view webpage | download file - 368K]
Dr. Kelly WEST10
The Biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika
    [view webpage | download file - 288K]
Dr. Muderhwa NSHOMBO12
The State of Pollution in Lake Tanganyika
    [view webpage | download file - 200K]
Sedimentation & Its Consequences
    [view webpage | download file- 556K]
Dr. Hudson NKOTAGU15
Fishing Practices on Lake Tanganyika
    [view webpage | download file - 380K]
Antoine KIYUKU17
Livelihood Strategies in the Tanganyika Basin
    [view webpage | download file - 496K]
Training and Environment Education
    [view webpage | download file - 316K]
Munshimbwe CHITALU21
The Strategic Action Plan for the Sustainable Management of Lake Tanganyika
    [view webpage | download file - 220K]
Nicholas HODGSON34
Development of a Convention for the Sustainable Management of Lake Tanganyika
    [view webpage | download file - 68K]
Summary and Next Steps
    [view webpage | download file - 484K]
Dr. Kelly WEST5
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