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LTBP Mpulungu Station - Zambia
Location:Dept. of Fisheries compound
P. O. Box 55, Mpulungu, ZAMBIA
Tel:  +
Fax: +
Note: Valid until 01 June 2000
Facilities: offices, dry & wet labs, storage, library, and computer room.
Access to Lake:Office compound is situated directly on the lakeshore. Boats are boarded from either the station's pier or jetty.
Equipment:Computers, scientific equipment for sedimentation, pollution, and biological studies, GPS, VHF and HF radio communications, and SCUBA gear.
Vehicles/Boats:Toyota HiLux 4x4 Truck; 3m inflatable boat with 15Hp engine, 22ft Fibreglass workboat with 40Hp engine and 25Hp support engine.
Research Vessel:The Dept. of Fisheries-owned R/V Silver Shoal is a 12m research vessel capable of long journeys along the Zambian coast. It is often used by the Biodiversity, Pollution and Sedimentation programmes for routine sample collecting. It is fitted with radar, GPS, echosounder, VHF & HF radio, and winch equipment.
Personnel:See the Participants section for a complete list of all national staff and institutions affiliated with LTBP in Zambia.
Photos:MPU Station
MPU Station
Labs & Docks
MPU Station
R/V Silver Shoal
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