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The Bilingual Lexicon is a compilation of abbreviations, acronyms, and tehnical terms that appear in LTBP english documents and their french equivalents.

The first version of this work was produced by Muriel Dahan in February 1997. In her introduction, she had wished that her lexicon should be developed throughout the life of the project, so that consistency of translation is maintained in the future. This second edition is an expanded and revised version of the first work, produced by LTBP Bujumbura Station in January 1999. It is different from the first edition on two points of view : First of all, abbreviations and acronyms have been separated from the rest of the text for an easier use of the lexicon. Secondly, the presentation was improved by putting in italics the french equivalents used in the translations.

Many people collaborated in this work. We are specially indebted to Mr Mamert Maboneza, Administrative Assistant, Dr Gaspard Ntakimazi, Biologist, Mr Jean Paul Ledant, Facilitator, Mr Jerod Clabaugh, Technical Officer and Mr Pierre-Claver Nzimpora, Translator. Dr Kelly West supervised the whole work in her capacity of LTBP Scientific Liaison Officer based in Bujumbura.

We are aware that this lexicon is not perfect. But still we expect it will be of great help for LTBP staff in the four stations, translators, students, researchers, consultants and visitors who are interested in the project. We encourage whoever would have any comment, correction or addition to forward it to Dr Kelly West, SLO, LTBP, Bujumbura Station.

Bilingual lexicon -- Lexique bilingue
En/FrBilingual Lexicon -- Lexique bilingue [Acrobat file] (.pdf) (34p. - 228K)
En/FrBilingual Lexicon -- Lexique bilingue [sortable spreadsheet] (.xls) (116K)

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